Global Gardens Project is a community growing project based in Cardiff. 


Our vision is to create a growing space that supports community-based sharing of food and cultures.  


We have an allotment site where we are cultivating an organic kitchen garden, celebrating crops from around the world.


The crops grown are used in our quarterly community suppers and shared within the local community.


We also have a mobile pizza oven which is available for community events. 



April 27, 2020

I was introduced to gardening when I was little, at my nana’s. I grew up learning the names of plants, developing a fascination with roots and a love of sweet-smelling herbs. Decades later, I still crave gardens; it’s one of the reasons I’ve been involved with Cardiff’s community growing haven, the Global Gardens Project, these last few years.

During lockdown, I’ve had a chance to rekindle this love. In early March, five years after she signe...

December 21, 2019

This year, from May to October, I had the wonderful opportunity to write about the Global Gardens Project, producing a piece of work each month – some flash fictions (very short stories) and some prose poems. What I found out in the process was that it is hard to put into words what this project does for all the people involved – but I tried to capture it anyway, and in fact I enjoyed the challenge.

From natural dye workshops to sharing suppe...

September 7, 2019

On the last day of August, while the weather went wild – thrashing rain one minute, scorching sun the next - we sat inside the greenhouse for our third Global Gardens creative writing workshop.

This time round, I asked our small group of writers to focus on the theme of ‘making the ugly beautiful’, with the idea that things usually seen as unpleasant, repellent or unwanted can be viewed in other lights.

This is an idea that has started to emer...

April 28, 2019

On a Saturday morning in early April I lead a creative writing workshop at Global Gardens, where we used the garden and the act of gardening as inspiration.

In many ways, the workshop was about how anything, including gardening, can be used to get us writing. What was interesting was that the writing we ended up with was not always clearly linked to the garden.  When it comes to creating things, the place we begin is not always where we will...

November 14, 2018

I moved to Cardiff in September 2017, and it took me less than a month to get involved with Global Gardens. The sort of project I’d always searched for but hadn’t found until now, Global Gardens had the perfect mix of activities: you can get involved with transforming the garden, learn fascinating things about plants and the practices of gardening, do arts and crafts, share meals (often with home-grown ingredients) and get to know people in...

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