Global Gardens Project is a community growing project based in Cardiff. 


Our vision is to create a growing space that supports community-based sharing of food and cultures.  


We have an allotment site where we are cultivating an organic kitchen garden, celebrating crops from around the world.


The crops grown are used in our quarterly community suppers and shared within the local community.


We also have a mobile pizza oven which is available for community events. 



July 7, 2019

Aphelion marks the point when the sun is furthest from the Earth. In collaboration with Spit and Sawdust, the artists Johana Hartwig and Anthony Shapland and the Aurora Trinity Collective we celebrated this event with a festival at the Global Gardens site.

The morning began at dawn with an installation piece ‘As clear as the day is long’ by Johana Hartwig to mark the rising of the sun. This first hour is a chance to experience it in the quie...

July 2, 2019

Roughly two weeks after the summer solstice the Earth reaches its apsis Aphelion – the point when the sun is furthest from the Earth.

Spit & Sawdust and Global Gardens are celebrating this time with a day-long event that will include artworks by artists Johana Hartwig and Anthony Shapland, workshops, communal meals and actions.

A chance to pause and ponder the dark and light, day and night, the opposites, extremes, natural cycles, patterns...

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