Global Gardens Project is a community growing project based in Cardiff. 


Our vision is to create a growing space that supports community-based sharing of food and cultures.  


We have an allotment site where we are cultivating an organic kitchen garden, celebrating crops from around the world.


The crops grown are used in our quarterly community suppers and shared within the local community.


We also have a mobile pizza oven which is available for community events. 



July 8, 2020

Growing potatoes

Growing potatoes is super satisfying. With a little planning and preparation, you can experience the delight of uncovering little golden nuggets in the dark soil. Plus, growing potatoes can help develop your soil tilth. 

When you are ready to plant out, dig a trench around 12cm deep and then put your chitted potatoes in at a 20-30cm spacing. Ideally, dig over your potato patch in the autumn or early spring. Some folks als...

June 10, 2020

At Global Gardens, we love broad beans. As a nitrogen-fixing legume, they are good for the soil, supporting soil fertility. Their sweet-scented flowers are a good source of forage for bees. Rich in protein, minerals (including copper, magnesium and manganese), folate and immune boosting nutrients, they are good for us. This week, our #StayHomeEatVeg featured community chef Lia of Lia's Kitchen has been busy exploring the humble broad bean......

May 28, 2020

Cooking with parsley

Parsley is one the most common herbs used in cooking. It tastes green and woody, and it works well as a herby base for many dishes. The flat leaf parsley has more tender leaves and is more flavoursome than the curly one. 

Raw, chopped parsley can be used to garnish and flavour any kind of cold or hot dish. Parsley is an essential ingredient for making pesto, tabouleh, chimichurri, salsa verde, or gremolata....

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