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This year we have been trialling an after-school gardening club at Global Gardens. With some excellent mentoring from Isla of Grow Cardiff and Riverside Community Garden we have worked with Allensbank Primary School to offer two blocks of 3-4 week sessions of gardening after school. Here are some of the things we got up to to in the last block...

Week 1

We made bio-degradeable planters with newspaper and sowed spinach.

Week 2

We made a mini-wormery using a plastic water bottle and a mixture of soil, compost and food waste - and of course, a few worms. We observed how worms can help turn food waste into soil. Did you know that worms can eat up to 30 times their weight in food each day!?

Week 3

We collected a range of leaves and made some rubbings using pastels.

Week 4

We planted out the spinach seedlings and drew some of the herbs.

Alongside these activities, we did a flower hunt, bug hunt and leaf hunt.

Hopefully we learnt as we went along.

We had positive feedback from the teacher :)

"Thank you for the fabulous session, as always, today, we are all learning so much."

With support from the co-op, we are looking forward to continuing the work to make Global Gardens family friendly and a place for all ages to learn about growing. If you would like to find out more or have any ideas, please do get in touch:

Please also support us as your Coop Local Cause! The money raised will help us further develop a family friendly garden.

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