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Between July and August, we have hosted eight outdoor play sessions, thanks to support from the Social Farms and Gardens.

Ranging from playing with water on one of the hottest days of the summer to cool down to harvesting apples and brambles on a rainy Saturday morning, we have had lots of fun in the garden. It was particularly special to welcome the Trinity Centre playgroup to the garden since this was the first time in the garden for the 6 families.

Creative play in the garden

Artist and forest play coordinator Johana led a series of sessions all about creative play in the garden. Families made colourful bird boxes, clay tree-spirits and natural print flags. For two of the sessions we even cooked twizzlers on the fire. As usual, we finished the sessions with a story and vegan oat chocolate.

Cooking in the garden

Steph and Lucy led three cookery outdoor play sessions - making buckwheat pancakes and apple and blackberry compote - check out the recipe here..

And a polytunnel salad, which simply involved chopping up tomatoes, cucumbers and shallots mied with olive oil and salt, served on toast.

Huge thanks to Social Farms and Gardens for making these sessions possible.


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