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· 1 courgette

· 1 tbsp ground up flaxseed/chia seed

· 1 teaspoon lemon juice

· 1 tbsp of chopped chives

· 1 tbsp of chopped mint

· 1 garlic cloves, finely grated

· 1 tsp salt (more salt if not using capers)

· ¼ cup chickpea flour

· 1 tbsp of olive oil/rapeseed oil to fry

· crème fraiche to serve (optional)


1. Grate courgette coarsely.

2. Place grated courgette inside a clean muslin cloth and wring out as much liquid as you can.

3. Put squeezed-out courgette and all the remaining ingredients up to (but without) the chickpea flour in a large mixing bowl. Mix it really well and let it sit for 5 minutes while heating up the oil.

4. Heat up oil in a pan

5. Stir chickpea flour through the mixture to create a batter. By now the zucchini should have released a little more moisture from the salt, which will bond with the chia seeds and the chickpea flour will give it body.

6. Place 2 tbsp of batter on the heated oil per fritter. Allow it to fry on a low-medium heat, undisturbed for about 4 minutes.

7. Flip the fritter to the other side and allow it to fry on the other side for 3 minutes.

8. Eat immediately, serve with crème fraiche, enjoy!


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