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The health, safety and well-being of our volunteers and project team is paramount. We also recognise our duty of care not only to garden beneficiaries but also to the future generations and planet earth. Please refer to our policies for more information.


-Health and Safety Policy

-Code of Conduct

-Complaints and Grievances Procedure

We also have an anonymous Feedback Form if you would like to leave any anonymous feedback.

Decision making  and strategic direction at Global Gardens Project is supported by the Steering Group which meets monthly. Currently Steering Group members include: Johana Hartwig (forest school leader), Cat Lewis (Making and Mending Club coordinator), Skye Kember (volunteer), John Taylor (Saturday Session Co-Lead), Bethan PhiLlips (Wednesday session Lead), Manon Barbier (Saturday Session Co-Lead) and Poppy Nicol (Project Coordinator). If you would like to join the steering group or find out more, please contact soilandclay[@] for further info.


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