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This week, 24-28th January, is the fifth annual #SeedWeek celebrating the growing UK and Ireland-wide movement of seed growers, farmers, organisations and gardeners.

Seeds are such a vital part of our food system and heritage. Some people say every seed has a story to tell!

At Global Gardens, we are excited to be working with the UK and Ireland Seed Sovereignty Programme and the Landworkers' Alliance on the ‘Seed Exchange’ programme. As part of this we will be hosting a Pea-themed Celebration in the summer!

In this blog, we share some things you could do to support the seed movement...

1.Now is the perfect time for planning what you would like to grow this year! Check out this Seed Map of the UK and Ireland for ecological, biodiverse seed suited to your situation. We especially recommend Real Seeds based in Pembrokeshire and the newly launched Wales Seed Hub. We have also been saving seeds at Global Gardens – if you would like to get some, they are available at Eartha and Cardiff Made and at the Annual Cardiff Seed Swap at Chapter on 26th February 11-1.

2. The Gaia Foundation are hosting lots of interesting online events as part of #SeedWeek including the ‘Our Seeds are Our Stories’ webinar on Weds 26th Jan featuring people working with seed in diverse ways, and gain insight into the cultural, political and personal contexts seeds bring with them. Book a ticket here.

3. If you’d like to take your knowledge of #seedsaving to the next level this year check out the rich array of seed resources & trainings on our #SeedSovereignty website.

4. We'd also love to hear how you’ll be celebrating the #seeds that feed us this week Whether you grow in your garden, on your balcony, or at the allotment - tell us! Use #SeedWeek, @SeedSov @globalgardensproject.

Happy seed sowing, seed saving and seed sharing!


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