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I’ve been asked to share a recipe that would be plant based, and nourishing. A vegetable broth I’ve been making for years now, seemed to be just the right thing.

I first came across this recipe 2-3 years ago in Sarah Bearden's 'Nutrition in essence' book. I tried it out, loved the taste and the health benefits it promised and been making it ever since. Or at least some version of it. I sometimes have to do with produce I can find in my fridge or my pantry and sweet potato, runner beans or even leeks aren't always in stock. So this is my version of the broth, inspired by Sarah's 'Vital vegetable broth' recipe.

The making of the broth is a real feast for your eyes and your nose. I always love to breath in the chopped vegetables packed in a pot before boiling- they smell of green grass, fresh spring day, or health itself!


1-2 onions

1-3 garlic cloves

2-3 carrots

a bunch of fresh herbs (parsley if possible, thyme is good too)

several celery stalks

several potatoes (red if possible)

a pinch of seasalt

several perpercorns

1-2 bay leaves

These are the core ingredients for the broth, but for nicer flavour and more nutrition you could add:

1-2 sweet potatoes

several corns of allpice berries

several leeks

about 10 runner beans

Other great add-ins are: seaweed or mushrooms

Chop everything in big chunks and wash. I recommend removing the outer skin of onion, garlic, leek so that the broth doesn't turn out too bitter. Cover it with water, so that it's about 1 inch below, bring it to the boil and then simmer for at least two hours. Strain it with a sieve or a colander and store in a fridge or a freezer.

I use this broth as a base for soups and stews or just drink as tea when I feel that my body needs extra support and care.

The end result is a beautiful clear broth, full of nutrition.

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