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Recipe by Ruth, Lead Recipe Coordinator

These are very tasty and easy to make. Add to salads or pasta dishes, sauces, etc. Sometimes they are referred to as a replacement for capers – but they have a wonderful flavour all of their own


Nasturtium seeds – harvest those that are large, plump and still green. Gather enough to fill a small jam jar.

Salt for making brine (dissolve about 3 teaspoons with 100ml water)

White wine vinegar – enough to cover the nasturtium seeds in the jam jar


1. Rinse the seeds well and place in a small bowl with the brine and leave overnight.

2. Rinse away the brine and pat dry.

3. Put into the jam jar and cover with the vinegar. Put the lid on tight.

4. Leave for about a month


Remember you can also eat the leaves and flowers of the nasturtium. They both a have a distinctive peppery taste and look wonderful in salads. Do not wash the flowers but check them thoroughly for insects!


You can not only use the seeds, but the vinegar acquires a wonderful taste of nasturtium, which makes a beautiful salad dressing.

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