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We were delighted to welcome Annwen from the Rhizome Community Herbal Clinic to the Global Gardens site for the Healing Herbs in the Garden workshop. This workshop provided an introduction to the healing properties of herbs and 'weeds' that grow in the garden

Annwen started the morning with an introduction to the healing properties of herbs. She also emphasised the healing act of cultivating, harvesting and preparing herbal medicine.

We were then led us on a walk around the garden. Annwen introduced us to some of the key herbal botanical families. The mint family (Lamiaceae) for example includes many of the aromatics such as Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and Lavender whilst the daisy family (Compositae) includes a number of healing flowers Calendula, German chamomile and Dandelion.

We then moved up to the wilder part of the site, where we were introduced to some plants that are often perceived as 'weeds' - including nettles, dandelions and comfrey. Yet these weeds have healing properties.

After breaking for a delicious lunch courtesy of Riverside Sourdough, we moved into the practical element of the workshop. We made a Mineral Vinegar made of Dandelion leaf and root, Nettle leaf and seed, Yellow Dock root and Rosemary. We then made a tincture of a herb that spoke to us followed by a healing oil made of Comfrey (also known in medieval times as 'knitbone'.

This workshop was made possible thanks to support from Grow Wild.

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