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Tendergreen beans- mildly sweet and buttery in texture after steaming for 3 minutes and then blanching in order to stop the cooking process and seal the flavours. DB beans - boiled longer, for 6 minutes and blanched for 1 min. Bigger beans. Crunchier and more herby tasting than the 'Tendergreens'. DB 02 beans - Boiled for 6 minutes and blanched for 1 min. The sweetest of all. Crunchy texture. DB 04 beans - Boiled for 3 minutes and blanched for 1 minute. The smallest beans and the most flavoursome. Crunchy and aromatic. None of the beans seemed to be stringy. Growing observations: ‘Tendergreen’ beans - At the end of growing season beans and leaves are green and there has been very little pest damage. The yield has been quite good. DB beans - at the end of the growing season, some leaves are looking a bit yellow and a bit more pest damage than with ‘Tendergreens’. Produced slightly less beans than ‘Tendergreens’ DB 02 beans - at the end of the season significantly more pest damage on leaves, the yield has been as good as ‘tendegreens’.

DB 04 - at the end of the growing season the plants are much smaller than all the other beans. There has been a bit of pest damage and the yield has been low.


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