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This month we celebrated one of the first harvests from the garden, with a foraged nettle soup. Nettles are recognised as potent detoxifiers, high in vitamin C and iron. Nettles also support a healthy digestive system.

Poppy made the soup using a slightly adapted River Cottage recipe. Tasty! We shared the nettle soup with some freshly baked bread, courtesy of Riverside Sourdough.

Alongside the soup, Iskander kindly cooked some Kurdish traditional rice and beans, which is one of the most delicious ways of cooking rice! After parboiling the rice, it is steamed over a flatbread. So more-ish!

To follow, we had some fruity desserts which were equally delicious. Vaida made a Rhubarb Crumble and Xeni and Shelley a fresh fruit salad. All in all a Super Spring Supper. Join us on the 30th May for our May Supper which will be curated by vegan chef, Shuna.

The Global Gardens Supper, every last Tuesdays of the month 7pm at the Embassy Cafe, Cathays Community Centre. All welcome, bring a dish if you wish.

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