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On the 5th and 6th June the Global Gardens Project made our mobile pizza oven at Cathays Community Centre. The oven build was designed and led by Jack Welbourne, Global Gardens co-founder, baker and ceramicist with the support of fellow ceramicist Arthur Goodfellow, Alec and Sophie, Poppy, Anya and Matt.

On Day 1, Arthur, Alec, Sophie and Jack made the sand framework for the concrete to be casted on. We then covered the sand with some wet paper.

A lightweight blend of refractory cement was mixed and applied. Note the PPE worn during the dry mixing! Using gloves we applied a 3cm thick layer on to the sand mould. We then covered the skeleton of the oven with a tarp and left it overnight for the concrete to cure. Luckily the Cathays Community Centre let us do it under cover in the garden otherwise we would have got soaked!

On Day 2, Poppy, Anya and Matt joined the team for part two … making the cob layer – following the magic ratio of 1 part clay-2 parts sand-2 parts straw and the magic mixing technique of footwork.

Once the cob was the right texture, enough to make a coil just about keep its shape, we made cob slabs about 3cm thickness to apply to the oven mould. Using our palms we worked the slabs together so that the outer layer was smooth

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