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This month, the lovely Eira from Inner City Pickle led a workshop on preserve-making at the Embassy Cafe. We are keen to learn more about preserving fruits and vegetables as it extends the shelf-life and, in the case of fermentation, enhances the health-giving properties of certain veg.

To start, we made an apple chutney using apples harvested from the Global Gardens apple tree. Eira let us try her speedy apple corer and slicer. This made the task of preparing both fast and fun!

We also made a sauerkraut using red and white cabbage. This required alot of pummeling.

Saeurkrauts are super healthy as they contain different bacteria that are good for our gut. During the fermentation process, the various lactic acid bacteria ferment the sugars contained in vegetables such as cabbage. Sauerkrauts are also super tasty, especially if herbs and spices are added. Eira shared her recipe that included juniper berries and caraway seeds.

After the workshop, Vaida interviewed Eira for her blog, One Small Spoon. You can find out about Eira via her website. Eira sells her delivious preserves and chutneys at Roath Market every Saturday.

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