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On the last Monday of November 2017 we gathered for a different kind of supper at the Embassy Cafe. This was an unusual supper … one that involved t-shirts, fencing and scissors. What kind of dish were we going to be cooking up?

Becca from Green City was the ‘head chef’ of the night and she has some serious stitching skills. She was involved in the Made in Roath stitching project which includes cross-stitched pieces dotted around Roath. Poppy and Becca had been talking about doing one for the Global Gardens Project.

Some cross-stitch signs from the Made in Roath Project

Becca showed us how to create yarn out of old t-shirts, using a few simple cuts and how to embroider letters on to fencing, using a simple inverted cross-stitch.

W each took a piece of fencing and a letter (to spell out Global Gardens) and got to stitching. The atmosphere was very different to any of our other suppers – it was quiet and you could almost hear the concentration as we stitched away.

Maria, a student from Japan, demonstrated super-stitching skills and finished two letters before many of us had completed one. Some of our other stitchers had previously worked in carpet fabrication and surprised us with alternative stitching patterns and floral embellishments.

By the end of the night we could almost spell GLOBAL GARDENS. We had just two letters to finish off – the E and the S. We then enjoyed some delicious carrot and squash soup, made by Jack served with Riverside Sourdough bread.

Two weeks later, it was great to be able to adorn the fence with the finished piece.

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