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This Saturday we were delighted to host an off-grid solar power workshop at Global Gardens with renewable energy pro, Suneil Tagore.

Suneil launched the day with an intro to solar powered energy and how to harness it off-grid. We explored what it means to be working off-grid and the practicalities for installation. Suneil then covered some technical issues including energy yield and usage calculations; types of panels: efficiency and cost. That got the cogs working on a Saturday morning! With a bit of crimping, connecting and climbing, by lunch time the panel was installed on the roof of the greenhouse and switchboard ready for action.

After lunch under the apple tree, we finished off installing the pump. By the end of the day, we flipped the switch and were chuffed to see the pump in action. Hopefully, this renewable energy harnessed from the sun will help us save more water and support our gravity-fed irrigation system.

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