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If you walk down a certain Fox Lane and enter through a red gate, you might be surprised what you find. One Fox Lane is a community space with artist studios, a co-working office and a yoga studio. It is also the home of One Wall Studio where Jack Welbourne and Arthur Goodfellow work with clay.

Over the last six weeks, potter Jack Welbourne has led a series of six pottery workshops for Global Gardens.

The course

In week one, we explored the art of the pinch pot.

In week two, we moved on to coiling with clay.

Week three covered the basics of slabbing...

We then moved on to the wheel for weeks four and five 'throwing' shapes including cylinders and bowls. Jack gave us a demo on the wheel and then we had a go.

In the final week of this course, Jack introduced us to some of the principles of slipware - and we had a go at dipping, sliptrailing and sgraffito.

The next step is firing. Jack will be firing our work over the next week...Now it is up to the fire!

We are taking a break over Christmas but looking forward to getting back in the studio in the new year. If you would like to join the next course, please get in touch:

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