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Grow Your Own #6

Social animal

The July GYO was all about the role of the surrounding ecosystem on plant growth and health.

In preparation for the session, Kai encouraged us to spend some time in the garden and think about what is beneficial and what could have an adverse effect on healthy plant growth and to think about the surrounding plants, hedges, trees, insects, birds, weather exposure (like wind, heat, cold, drainage, light and shade), sounds and smells.

The core of this session was about the environment within which a plant is located - including the more subtle aspects such as sound, movement, scent and colour. And the potential affect such aspects may have on plant growth and health. Perhaps in more ways than we currently can understand or be aware of.

Biodynamic philosophy suggests species can communicate in ways beyond the realm of 'substance.'

How are sounds, scents, colours and movement perceived by plants?

What is the impact of the presence of a gardener in a garden on plant growth and health.

Look to the example of Findhorn where community members were invited to make a daily connection with nature.

Thinking about the environment beyond the physical realm ultimately requires more listening and observation. Being present in the garden. Give it a go. What do you notice?


According to biodynamic philosophy, animals can support plant sensitivity - and animals can act as 'extended sense organs' of the plant.

As social animals, we are looking forward to holding the GYO in person soon!


LEAF: Spinach, Salads, Rocket, Corn salad in early August.

FRUIT: Cucumbers (for a later crop).

But mainly, focus on watering and feeding the crops already sown.

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