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At the first session of the Outdoor Play since lockdown, Johana Hartwig and Cat Lewis of Colourfield worked with the attending families to make natural dye flags to mark out the Global Gardens story-telling space.

We explored the garden, looking for plants that could be used as paintbrushes and leaves and fruits that could give colour. We used Lavender and Goldenrod as paintbrushes and Blackberries, Apple leaves and Weld for colour.

We rubbed, pressed, smashed, hammered and rolled the colours on to Hemp flags, that were then attached to hazel rods. With the flags, children chose where they would like to place the storytelling area.

To end the session, Johana read a story around the tree circle.

To make the sessions safer for all involved during these pandemic times, sessions are delivered to four families. If you would like to find out more about the sessions email:

With thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund in Wales for making these sessions possible.

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