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Chard-green beans masala poached egg




Chop ginger

Chop red onion

Chop mushroom

Chop green beans

Chop chard stalk





Heat oil/butter in a pan. Add chop ginger, sauté, add all vegetables. Cook al dente, season. Take off the heat.For poached egg boil salted water with a hint of vinegar in a pan. Break egg in a cling film lined bowl, add a little masala, and close the cling film on top to make a pouch. Poach the egg in cling film pouch in simmering water for 3 mins. If the egg is straight from the fridge-10 seconds extra. Take the pouch off the heat and dip in cold water. Cut the cling film and take off the poached egg.

You can use the same pan to make masala to wilt chard leaves with a knob of butter and garlic. Season.

Serve poached egg on bed of wilted chard leaves.

Kuldeep along with his wife runs a small café ‘Cegin Cardiff’ inside a trade union building on 1, Cathedral road. They also run an Indian street-food business ‘Ceginhalfnhalf’. You can find them on facebook or twitter as @cegincardiff or @ceginhalfnhalf


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