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White bean and squash soup with parsley pistou - was taken from ‘The Herbfarm Cookbook’ written by Jerry Traunfeld. The soup is full of nourishment coming from beans, and squash as well as herby flavours coming from some hardy herbs such as sage, thyme, and winter or summer savoury. All growing at Global Gardens too, all year round. Each bowl of soup is completed with a spoonful of parsley pistou, which adds some freshness to it all. With minor adjustments here goes the recipe:

White bean and Squash soup with parsley pistou

Serves 2-4 people


Around 200g of dried white beans (cannellini or butter beans), or used a can or precooked beans

Half or one whole squash, depending on the size

Olive oil

1 onion diced

1-2 carrots (average size) diced

2 celery sticks diced

3 garlic cloves diced

1 tbsp thyme chopped

1 tbsp summer or winter savoury chopped

1 tsp sage chopped

Salt and pepper to taste


A handful of parsley

1 garlic clove


¼ cup olive oil

If using dried beans, soak them for 7 hours or overnight. Once soaked, boil them for around 50 minutes, or until tender. You can throw in a sprig of savoury in the boiling water, as the beans will soak up the flavours.

If using one whole squash – half it, peel the skin and scoop out the seeds. Cut it in half again, and then crosswise. You can then chop them smaller or keep them as it is.

Heat the pot, once hot add some oil. When it starts to sizzle, add diced onion, carrots and celery as well as the herbs and salt and pepper. Cook, stirring frequently till its lightly brown. Add garlic for the last minute.

To the pot with the veg, add 4 cups of water (or veg stock), cooked beans bring to boil and then simmer veg until they are nearly cooked. Taste and adjust salt if needed. Add the chopped squash and cook till nearly tender but still holds its shape.

While soup is boiling make pistou – puree parsley, garlic and salt in a food processor and then add olive oil.

Pour soup in bowls and stir in a spoonful of pistou.


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