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By Poppy Nicol, Global Gardens Project Coordinator

Images by Ericka Duffy

We are excited to share with you the Global Gardens Festival of Peas (and Pulses) Zine. which you can view in booklet form here.

This Zine is the culmination of a series of collaborations with a range of artists, community chefs, dieticians, foodies and members of the local community focussed around celebrating the role of legumes and pulses in the garden and in our diets.

It features a number of tantalising leguminous recipes by a number of local community chefs including Vaida @OneSmallSpoon Simon @Herbivore Setondji @Sunshine_Kitchen_World, Uncle Pali, Sue Rafiq and Steph Mercados as well as two recipes from the Global Gardens recipe card range created by the Global Gardens Recipe Card Volunteers Anna and Ruth.

You will also find growing advice - including on broad beans, field beans, peas, dwarf and french beans and runner beans. Dietician Steph also shares why incorporating more legumes and pulses into our diets is beneficial not only for our health but also for the health of the planet.

With thanks to the Veg Advocates Programme, My Food Community and the Gaia Seed Sovereignty Programme UK and Ireland for supporting the Global Gardens Festival of Pulses as well as all the seed savers, community chefs, dieticians, artists, recipe-writers and volunteers for contributing to the #GGFestivalofPulses Zine.

We hope it inspires you to grow more legumes in the garden and eat more peas (and pulses!)

Global Gardens Project Pea Zine online
Download PDF • 2.42MB


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