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Photo credit: Alan Belton / WTML

By Global Gardens Lead Recipe Volunteer Ruth

A beautiful sauce that can be used in many tasty ways.


300g gooseberries,

60ml water

sugar to taste

2 heads elderflower or some elderflower cordial METHOD

1. Put the gooseberries and water in a pan over a low heat and cook until very soft.

2. Whilst still hot – if using fresh flowers – add the elderflower heads to infuse.

3. Cool, then remove the elderflower heads and rub the remaining mixture through a sieve to form a smooth puree

4. If you have not used elderflowers, add a dessertspoon of elderflower cordial.

5. Taste and add sugar to your liking - it should be sweet but still with a tang. Add more elderflower cordial if desired.

6. Cool and add a little water if you want a slacker consistency. It will store in the fridge for a few days .

7 This sauce can be used in a range of ways, in yoghurt, on icecream, sponge puddings, etc. It is really excellent on sliced strawberries.

TIPS This sauce will freeze well.


* Before you compost the fruit debris in your sieve, stir in some water, swizzle about, then drain into a glass, add sugar or honey to taste and chill – you now have a refreshing gooseberry drink.


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