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We have reached one of the two points in the year where the number of hours of day and night are equal.

Known as an equinox, this happens in spring and in autumn.

In celebration of Spring Equinox 2021, Global Gardens held an online gathering with storyteller Cath Little.

Cath shared some seasonal songs and stories including a traditional song for this time of year - The Pace Egging Song, The Little Man’s Trick and The Salmon Children.

Six weeks ago at the Imbolc online gathering, those attending set some intentions. Now, at spring equinox, is a great time for setting actions to manifest these intentions. In small breakout groups and spoke about some of the actions we would like to take moving forwards into 2021.

At this time of year, many cultures have rituals connected to eggs. Global Gardens harvest coordinator Vaida shared some Lithuanian egg painting traditions – including using wax resist to create patterns on the egg when painting and boiling eggs in red cabbage and onion skins to dye the eggs. Vaida explained how you can use herbs from the garden wrapped around the egg and fastened with muslin cloth to create natural dyed eggs.

Poppy invited people to have a cup of tea and spoke about the nutritional properties of nettle tips. Packed with iron and vitamins, it is a great time of year to harvest them and add to tea or soups. Traditionally, nettles were taken as a spring tonic and have a blood purifying action. To harvest, use a pair of scissors or a knife to cut the top two-three leaves. However, do not harvest when nettles have gone to seed as the flowers and seeds contain oxalic acid.

Cath ended the session with a breathing song – encouraging balance between inhalation and exhalation. Now is an ideal time to work towards balance in our lives.

Here’s to the spring!


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