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Eva Krasenska is a flower grower and florist. She has a beautiful organic cut flower garden in Pencoed, The Flower Hive. This week we were lucky to welcome her to the garden where she hosted a workshop on growing cut flowers through the year.

In the morning, Eva introduced some of the principles of organic flower growing and spoke about a few of her favourite varieties - including the classic Dalia. We spoke about the importance of wildlife friendly gardens (especially for frogs and hedgehogs) and organic practices such as mulching and composting. Eva then demonstrated how to create an autumnal bouquet using freshly harvested flowers and foliage from her garden.

After lunch, we planted out a number of perennials in the garden including Alstromeria, Phlox and Campanula as well as sowing some annual seeds including sweet peas and nigella. We are looking forward to welcoming Eva back in spring to learn more about how to grow shade-friendly flowers.

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