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This year we have begun to save more seeds at the garden.

We've started with some of the easiest plants to grow and save - beans, borage, calendula, evening primrose and kale. But we are also experimenting with chard, chillies, tomatoes and squash.

To save the seeds, we are turning to some of the oldest material used for storage - clay. Potter-in-resident Jack Welbourne has made a series of ceramic jars in which we can store seeds.

But as well as storing seeds, we also want to distribute them. We invited local artists to paint, draw and respond to some of the plants that we are saving seed from in the garden. Five artists created five beautiful artworks.

Ellie Young - Borage

Louise Young - Calendula

Emily Unsworth-White - Chard

Tess Gray - Evening Primrose

Rosie Swann - Sunflower

Here are some of the seeds saved during the seed-saving workshop in October.

If you are an artist and would like to draw a plant for the Global Gardens

seed-saving activities in 2019, please do get in touch!

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