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This month we have been working on laying the foundations for the new Global Gardens structure designed by architect Hugo Keene of QORA. This structure will be used as a learning space for cooking and other activities at the garden.

Model of the kitchen/classroom structure

Under the guidance of Hugo and with the support of William Williams, carpenter-in-resident, the first step of the build was to mark out the footprint of the structure.

William and Hugo marking out

The second step of the build was to dig out 12 pits ready fill with hardcore gravel and lay with breeze-block slabs. These slabs are to form the footings of the building.

Digging the pits

Luckily we had some hardcore volunteers to get stuck in with the task at hand. Word of the day: #hardcore

With his eagle eyes, William made sure the holes were aligned and deep enough. Now we are ready for part two: assembling the trusses!

Foundations complete!

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