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Having set out the foundations, the next step of the build was to assemble the trusses. Hugo's design is based upon six modules connected together by a frame running across the length of the building.

Carpenter-in-resident William Williams got to work on chopping the wood ready for assembly. Big thanks to Made in Roath for letting us use the sheltered workshop space at Braevel Street. We then moved the wood to the Global Gardens site ready for assembly on location with the support of two men with a van!

Chief volunteer Steve and Will assembled the first truss which formed the jig for the rest of the trusses.

Truss number one

Using the first truss as a template, Ewa, Cat, Billy, Jack and Billy worked alongside Will and Steve to assemble the following five trusses. Word of the day: #truss

The next step is erection of the trusses. We have tucked the trusses up for Christmas and will be back to work on this in the early new year.

HUGE thanks to the team for all the hard work so far!

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