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Good Gym Cardiff are a social running club that run across the city to help out community projects and older people.

Good Gym in action!

Running to Garden

We have been lucky to have been helped by Good Gym Cardiff for the last three years.

They have helped us cut back brambles, dig trenches, move compost and wood chip, water and do an EPIC amount of weeding.

Good Gym at Global Gardens, 2019.

Indefatigable and energetic, Good Gym Cardiff have helped us in rain, shine and even into the darker periods of the year...for some hilarious photos go to Everyday I'm Shoveling and What on earth have we done.

Halloween gardening

In 2017, ITV Wales even covered Good Gym running to the garden in this run.

ITV Wales and Good Gym at the garden

Prior to the lockdown, Good Gym met in a central location in Cardiff, ran together to a project, helped out for around 30 minutes to an hour and then ran back. Since the lockdown, they changed approach and started running individually to help out those in need - including the elderly and those shielding.

As the lockdown eases, they have started to run together again and to help out at community projects including at Global Gardens - check out the most recent run report here - and at Oasis, where we have been helping to create a mini kitchen garden - check out the run report here.

Thanks to the awesome work of Ben, the Good Gym coordinator between 2017-2020. We wouldn't have achieved half as much without your enthusiasm and dedication. Here's to Ben and all the Good Gym-ers! Hope to see some of you back in the garden soon.

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