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This autumn we are looking for 6-8 artists to paint, draw or 2-D represent a crop that we are saving seed from at Global Gardens.

The images will be used for seed packets distributed to the local community and will be exhibited at the launch of the Global Gardens classroom.

Here are some images of the artworks from the last call...

(clockwise from top L-R): Tess Gray (Evening Primrose); Louise Young (Calendula);

Ellie Young (Borage); Emily Unsworth-White, (Chard).

This year we are looking for artists to work with Chilles (Jalapeño & Habañero); Cucumber, Tomato (Gardeners’ Ecstasy & Pink Georgian Beefsteak), Poppies, Woad and a few other crops.

If you are interested or would like to find out more, please drop us an email with an expression of interest and 2-3 images of your work. Email:


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