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This month, we are introducing our expanding Global Gardens Team.

First off, we welcome Johana, a Cardiff-based artist, arts facilitator and Forest School leader who runs the sessions at Global Gardens Forest School. Johana is interested in supporting more people to access nature in the city and has helped to evolve the space alongside the families who come to the Global Gardens sessions. Johana explains a little more about the Global Gardens Forest School...

"The Global Garden Forest School space runs along the Witchurch road side of the allotment, and although not a forest, it does have an enclosed, fairly wild feel, with several trees including a tall poplar tree, a small oak, some ash, plum and a border of brambles. There are also swings, log circle and fire pit, shelter and a growing space and we're hoping to install a mud kitchen and balance area soon too.

Outdoor child-led play sessions take place here on Wednesdays and Saturdays and include learning new practical skills such as plant identification and fire lighting and creative activities using materials from the immediate environment and also hot chocolate drinking. One of the favourite activities so far has been moving wheel barrows of wood-chip around to shape paths and define spaces."


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